Jewish Paths of Greece

The Jewish Museum of Greece

Jews have been present in Greece since at least the fourth century BC. The oldest and the most characteristic Jewish group that has inhabited Greece are the Romaniotes, also known as “Greek Jews”. However, the term “Greek Jew” is predominantly used for any person of Jewish descent or faith that lives in or originates from the modern region of Greece.

Aside from the Romaniotes, a distinct Jewish population that historically lived in communities throughout Greece and neighboring areas with large Greek populations, Greece had a large population of Sephardi Jews, and is a historical center of Sephardic life; the city of Salonica or Thessaloniki, in Greek Macedonia, was called the “Mother of Israel”.[2] Greek Jews played an important role in the early development of Christianity, and became a source of education and commerce for the Byzantine Empire and throughout the period of Ottoman Greece, until suffering devastation in the Holocaust after Greece was conquered and occupied by the Axis powers despite efforts by Greeks to protect them.[3][4] In the aftermath of the Holocaust, a large percentage of the surviving community emigrated to Israel or the United States.

Thessaloniki – Jewish Community


Day 1: Thessaloniki

  • Arrival in Thessaloniki airport
  • Orientation tour of Thessaloniki about the history of Sephardic Jews
  • Check in centrally located 4* Hotel.
  • Welcome from local authority representative.
  • Kosher dinner at traditional restaurant at Ladadika area




Thessaloniki – The Roman Agora, The Byzantine Walls, Holocaust Memorial in Cemetery, Holocaust Memorial, The Jewish Museum

Day 2: Thessaloniki – Veroia

  • City Tour of the Upper City to the Byzantine Walls
  • Tour of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine moments
  • Visit of the Holocaust monument and the Jewish Museum
  • Visit of the Synagogue
  • Meeting with a representative of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki
  • Lunch at local kosher restaurant
  • Departure for Veroia
  • Check in at 4* Hotel
  • Free time in Veroia
  • Kosher dinner at hotel and overnight


Veria – Barbouta Neighborhood, The Synagogue & Ioannina – The Synagogue

Day 3: Veroia – Ioannina

  • Tour of Veroia
  • Visit Barbouta the famous Jewish neighbourhood, with an outside visit of the old synagogue
  • Kosher Lunch
  • Departure for Ioannina
  • Tour of the city with visit of the synagogue and Jewish quarters area
  • Check in at 4* Hotel
  • Kosher dinner
  • Overnight at hotel



Larissa – The Synagogue, Holocaust Memorial & the Jewish School

Day 4: Larissa

  • Departure for Larissa
  • Check In and Kosher lunch in Hotel.
  • Walking tour of the city.
  • Visit to the synagogue, the holocaust memorial and Jewish (Capitol J) school
  • Kosher dinner in Hotel



Athens – Plaka

Day 5: Athens

  • Departure for Athens
  • Orientation tour of the city
  • Check in at centrally located 4* hotel.
  • Kosher lunch
  • Free afternoon to stroll around in Plaka Area
  • Kosher dinner
  • Overnight in Hotel.


Athens – City tour, The Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, Evzones (Guard), The Acropolis Museum, The Jewish Synagogue

Day 6: Athens

  • Visit the Synagogue of Athens
  • Visit of the Jewish Museum
  • Visit of Ancient Agora, Acropolis and New Acropolis Museum
  • Kosher Lunch
  • Meeting with representatives from the Jewish Community of Athens
  • Kosher Dinner and overnight in Hotel.




Ancient Corinth – Site & Museum

Day 7: Corinth – Athens

  • Departure for Corinth
  • Visit the archaeological site, the museum and the traces of the synagogue during the Roman Period
  • Kosher Lunch in Restaurant
  • Return to Athens
  • Kosher Dinner and overnight
  • Option for extension with Crete Visit (Chania)





Day 8

  • Breakfast and departure to Thessaloniki airport.