The Glory of the Olympic Games

The Olympic logo also known as the Olympic rings

This tour brings you in contact with the ideal of Olympic games one of the purest ideas of the ancient world which promotes peace, cooperation, and a sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

You will visit various important sites of these ancient games throughout Greece and you will feel the Olympic spirit motivate you and lift you. Guided by the Olympic ideals you will get a sense of purification and new direction in life.

Athens City Tur – The Acropolis (Parthenon), Panathenaic Stadium, Temple of Zeus

Day 1: Athens

  • Arrival in Athens airport
  • Orientation tour of the city with visits to Acropolis and Panathinaic Stadium (Olympic Games 1896)
  • Transfer to centrally located hotel.
  • Dinner based on 5th Century B.C. recipes
Delphi Archaeological Museum, Temple of Apollo & Cooking Lessons



Day 2: Delphi

  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Departure for Delphi site and museum (Pythean Olympic Games)
  • Cooking lessons and dinner based on natural greek products
  • Overnight in Hotel in Delphi area.
Olympia Archaeological Site, Temple of Zeus, Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Olive oil & Wine Tasting



Day 3: Olympia

  • Departure for Olympia
  • Visit museum and site of Olympic Games and the great temple of Zeus.
  • Afternoon visit the museum of Ancient Greek technology.
  • Dinner with olive oil and wine tasting session.
  • Overnight in hotel in Olympia area.
Epidaurus – Mycenae – Naplion

Day 4: Epidaurus – Mycenae – Nauplion

  • Departure for Epidaurus Ancient Theatre
  • Visit Mycenae site
  • Ancient Greek Pottery lessons
  • Dinner and overnight in Nauplion area.
Ancient Corinth Archaeological Site & Museum, Nemea – Temple of Zeus & Stadium



Day 5: Ancient Corinth – Nemea – Nauplion

  • Departure to visit Ancient Corinth site and museum
  • Visit¬† Nemea site and stadium (Nemean Olympic games)
  • Visit a winery with wine tasting.
  • Return to Nauplion for overnight
  • Dinner based on mediterranean cuisine
Isthmia – Temple of Apollo, Corinth Canal & Archaeological Site of Eleusina



Day 6: Isthmia – Corinth Canal – Eleusina – Athens

  • Departure for Isthmia (Isthmian Olympic Games)
  • Stop at Corinth canal
  • Visit Eleusina
  • Dinner Tasing with Southern Peloponeese cuisine¬†with lecture on the global importance of the Olympic Games.
  • Overnight in hotel in Athens.
Athens International Aiprort


Day 7: Athens

  • Greek Breakfast
  • Transfer to Athens Airport for departure.